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Soft Secrets on Spannabis Barcelona

The biggest cannabis trade fair in Europe! You can visit us at booth 122.

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Soft Secrets is main sponsor of the Medical Cannabis Bike Tour


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The link between technology and nature in the difference between the curative approach and the preventive approach.

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Where and When to Plant?

This section outlines three different gardens in three different locations: indoor, greenhouse, and outdoor. The examples show different planting and...

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A unique contribution to guerilla gardening

Although illegal, cannabis use is clearly involved in daily life in prison.

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UK Cannabis Social Clubs: The Q+A Session

Did you know that there are currently over 60 Cannabis Social Clubs operating in the UK? It's time you guys found out what they're all about, so...

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Freedom Fighters Claim Right To Religious...

If Jesus - a potentially fictional character from a book - actually existed (or agreed to appear in a sequel and came back for more adventures), what...

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Guide to Hempy Buckets

This style of growing is a huge hit in the US and Canada. Hempy buckets are a great option for growers looking to cultivate big plants, they are also...

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Before Harvest

Watering is important when plants are flowering. Continue regular irrigation as needed. Make sure to check the soil moisture daily to avoid overwatering....

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Automatics, the surprise package which continues...

Just 5 years ago most home-growers had never heard of automatic cannabis varieties. Today they account for a considerable proportion of the seeds sold by...

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