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Soft Secrets is main sponsor of the Medical Cannabis Bike Tour


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The link between technology and nature in the difference between the curative approach and the preventive approach.

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Are Mexican Drug Cartels Withdrawing From US...

New data is suggesting that Mexican drug cartels, for decades among the top distributors of cannabis in the United States, may be exiting that...

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Outdoor Growing 2015

Its that time of year when outdoor growers start to think about lashings of free cannabis grown under that great HPS in the sky.  Outdoor season is...

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Southern Lights

" I decided to grow out this strain which was a cross of a  Diesel  with a Sensi Star male. This strain takes around 70 days to be fully done like the...

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Bubble Hash, Hush Money and Meeting the Mexican...

“People started talking about hash around here about fifteen years ago, there's a lot of Spanish and Italian mafia close to these mountains -...

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There’s no doubt that UK growers love their additives and with good reason, used correctly a decent additive can seriously boost the growth rate and...

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Case Study Toni

As a medical patient, Toni has a passion for cannabis cultivation. He is constantly experimenting with new products, collecting information and fine...

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Kief/Dry Sift-Manual, Machine, Dry Ice

How Kief Screening WorksTHC and other cannabin

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