Low Gear vegetative growing - a tactical slow down

Most of the time we strive to grow our plants as fast as genetics will allow. Faster growth from the start means more growth sites and fuller plants with less chance for pathogens and bugs to creep in, leading to the biggest yield in the fastest time.

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The Lesser Known Cannabinoid

We all know that marijuana contains the cannabinoid THC or delta 9- tetrahydrocannabinol, having been told that is what gets you high and experiencing its wondrous effects. We as growers cultivate cannabis for the purpose of getting the high it creates when consumed and usually have the desire to obtain strains with the highest THC content possible. With all of the knowledge people are gaining from testing the marijuana plant we now know that cannabis...

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Guide to Hempy Buckets

This style of growing is a huge hit in the US and Canada. Hempy buckets are a great option for growers looking to cultivate big plants, they are also cheap to make and easy to maintain.

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Before Harvest

Watering is important when plants are flowering. Continue regular irrigation as needed. Make sure to check the soil moisture daily to avoid overwatering. Always irrigate in the morning so that the majority of water is used during the day. Soggy roots at night will slow growth substantially.

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First there was light!

Light is the most important aspect in our grow space. There are other aspects that are required in order to have a successful grow, light however is the single most important aspect as without it nothing else can function. So what lighting options are there available to a grower setting up his grow-space?

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Ultimate Root Zone!

The first few days of a plant's life are often overlooked but are among the most crucial to success. Getting the best root system possible at this stage will not only increase final yield dramatically, but also give a healthier plant in general.

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Hydro Head To Head

The summer is over! Finally we can crack on with setting up the grow room, safe in the knowledge that our precious plants are no longer susceptible to mother nature punishing us with a heat wave! When you embark on your winter grow and you're eyeing up the options in your local hydro shop, what will you go for? Good ol' fashioned compost or a high tech hydro system?

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Container Culture and Hydroponics

Understanding some basic concepts about container culture and hydroponics is essential to avoid problems and harvest a heavy crop. Often cannabis gardeners get side tracked and spend their time on designing and trying new garden systems that they forget to pay attention to the basics - oxygen and nutrient solution balance.

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The Highlife Cup 2013

For the first time in its now 16-year existence, the Highlife Cup this year was awarded at the friendly Cannabis Liberation Festival, on the site of the former Westergasfabriek in Amsterdam. The combination of the festival and the Highlife Cup proved a happy one, as both participants, judges and visitors to the festival enjoyed the sparkling presentation of the Cup ceremony by radio DJ Cobus Bosscha, who by now may safely be called a true Highlife...

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Water is a fundamental requirement for gardening that it is paradoxically often given little thought.

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PH must be one of the most widely discussed subjects amongst growers and also one of the most often blamed factors when a grow starts to go bad. But what does PH actually measure? Why is it important? Is there a way to grow that gets you around having to adjust PH of your nutrient solution?

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Don't Get Complacent!

When you're new to something, you make mistakes; it's a fact of life. You learn to write, you make a few spelling mistakes. You learn to drive, you dent a few bumpers.

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The Rise Of The Bubbler!

More and more cannabis cultivators are moving from pots and soil onto the bubbler system. Lots of hydro retailers are putting together systems...

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Passive Hydroponics

Let's face it, active hydro isn't for everyone; playing with pumps and feeding schedules, checking EC and pH may not be your cup of tea... and some of us like getting our hands dirty with soil!

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Hydro Over Hand Watering Part 4: Aeroponics

It's time to step it up a level and go for the big leagues! Aeroponics is the growing method of choice for cultivating high value crops across the globe, from commercial production for UK supermarkets to small scale production in the NASA space station!

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Drip Irrigation

This issue we put the spotlight on a method that is simple to set up and produces results so good that it is utilised in commercial growing applications across the globe, from producing quality tomatoes for the biggest UK supermarkets to producing top quality smoke for the coffee shops of Amsterdam. Our quest for quicker crop cycles and heavier yields continues; this issue, we take a closer look at the drip irrigation...

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Algae and Nitrogen

If I remember correctly plants in hydro need nitrogen, but algae growth that leads to stem rot is a side effect. I've seen nitrogen filters online but thought they would be pointless. I am wondering if there is nitrogen isotope or usable mixed nitrogen molecule that can be absorbed by the plant but not absorbed by algae?

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Hydro Over Hand Watering: Part 2: Flood and Drain Technique

Think hydro is too complicated? How about a hydro system that lets you grow in pots, using any growing medium - even your favourite compost - and cuts down on your hard work? Our campaign for the fastest growth and the biggest yields continues with a look at flood and drain...

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