What Plants Tell Us

Talking to your plants seems very normal to some people. Now it will move mainstream as the plants finally have the chance to answer back.

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Automated seed growing

We have visited Yako, a veteran grower focusing on details. In his garden, Yako grows for himself and for some friends and family who have helped him to set it up. The garden has been completely automated, to maximize production, without compromising quality.

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Low profile on the balcony in Spain

After 15 years of growing my own indoors, I’ve finally gotten my very first outdoor grow under my belt. Growing marijuana outdoors in the sunlight is not possible under the grey skies of Dublin. So when I moved to a tiny mountain village in the south of Spain, I was on a mission to get my grow on in the sun.

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Pineapple Kush

Pineapple Kush from Royal Queen Seeds is a hybrid of the varieties Pineapple and OG Kush. Especially the second variety here is a legendary concept in the world of growers, and is renowned for its distinctive aroma and perfect appearance. Today we’re going to turn the spotlight on the union of OG Kush and Pineapple, and have an entirely practical look at it. 

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Over-fertilisation. What to do?

There are various opinions on how to fertilise best. A few growers fertilise too little, others too much. Out of caution, it’s better to fertilise less, as plants totally absorb fertiliser in this case. When too much fertiliser is used, plants can be damaged, or may even die. If plants fertilised beyond a critical limit are harvested, the quality would be so bad that you will not even be able to give them away for free. Virtually any fertiliser...

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When and how to use CO2

Plants need substrates with suitable nutrients and moisture for their roots, but they also need light, warmth, and, indeed, aeration. The aerial part of the plant only needs CO2 during the lighting phase. Through photosynthesis, plants produce sugar compounds from light, water and carbon dioxide. Further nutrients and trace elements also play a decisive role, which however does not come into play in that process. The resulting sugar is the source...

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Top Tips For Spring

It is everybody's favorite time of the year, when April rolls on and you are treated to longer days and warmer nights. Spring is already here and now is the best time to consider an outdoor crop. Understanding what you need to prepare for the buildup to the fall and shorter nights, is the difference between Gold and Bronze. Below are my tips on what to think about when planting in the outdoors and how to make the most out of the weather.

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Indoor vs. Outdoor Cannabis Growing: 3 Key Differences

Cannabis has long been cultivated outdoors and is one of the oldest agricultural crops in existence. Growing indoors, however, has been around for less than a century and came about as a result of prohibition.

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How to Regulate Automatic Irrigation

When growing most plants, how they are watered is absolutely crucial and is often the deciding factor in whether the crop will be successful or, on the contrary, unsuccessful.

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The evolution of autoflowering genetics

One of the biggest stories in recent cannabis evolution has been the arrival of the latest high performance autoflowering cannabis varieties. The best auto genetics from the premium breeders now routinely out-yield photoperiod varieties grown over the same timescales. And potency of the best autos has been the same as photoperiod varieties for several years. The evolution and progress of autos to the top table of the cannabis world has been nothing...

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Online Enquete

We would like know how why and how you are growing.

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Correct waste disposal

The disposal of waste materials from cannabis growing is something that does not easily go unnoticed among “right-minded” persons and implies the risk of being caught in the act. Generally, waste bins or recycling yards are used for waste disposal. A few delicate materials are likely to raise suspicions, but need to be to disposed of by growers. These include sodium vapour lamps, activated carbon filters, mineral wool mats, earth mixed...

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Buddha Seeds - Magnum

Grow Report

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Moby Dick XXL Auto

Grow report

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Jelly Hash a potent delicacy!

In this issue, we will describe how to prepare our jelly, a series of extractions resulting in a resin of excellent quality. 

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Seeding your Growth

Cannabis seeds are the starting point for all the growing we do.

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Grow with Golgi

Successful gardeners spend as much time tending to their plants as they do hanging out with their best friends. 

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Just how did auto's get so good?

It’s a question that people keep asking.  Just how did automatic cannabis varieties get so good over the last 5 years?  After all, the first generation of automatics were limited to small harvests of half an ounce, or less.  And the strength of the first generation automatics was adequate rather than exceptional.  But all that has changed.  Today the best seedbanks have really cracked the breeding methods which...

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Atmos vs G-Pen

Vaporizer pens are the new rage in personal smoking devices for cannabis smokers and cigarette smokers alike.  Vape pens can be used for both purposes simply by screwing on a new cartridge, filled with different material. These pens are benefiting all your extracts by utilizing them down to the last drop. There are so many shapes and sizes for different pens but the basics are pretty much standards; atomizers, heating coils, wick liquid...

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