Critical Jack

An easy-to-grow Indica/Sativa crossbreed was created from two of the most popular strains, Critical+ and Jack Herer. Any additional care in growing this plant will be repaid by large, dense and sweet buds! 

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Automated seed growing

We have visited Yako, a veteran grower focusing on details. In his garden, Yako grows for himself and for some friends and family who have helped him to set it up. The garden has been completely automated, to maximize production, without compromising quality.

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Over-fertilisation. What to do?

There are various opinions on how to fertilise best. A few growers fertilise too little, others too much. Out of caution, it’s better to fertilise less, as plants totally absorb fertiliser in this case. When too much fertiliser is used, plants can be damaged, or may even die. If plants fertilised beyond a critical limit are harvested, the quality would be so bad that you will not even be able to give them away for free. Virtually any fertiliser...

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When and how to use CO2

Plants need substrates with suitable nutrients and moisture for their roots, but they also need light, warmth, and, indeed, aeration. The aerial part of the plant only needs CO2 during the lighting phase. Through photosynthesis, plants produce sugar compounds from light, water and carbon dioxide. Further nutrients and trace elements also play a decisive role, which however does not come into play in that process. The resulting sugar is the source...

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Indoor vs. Outdoor Cannabis Growing: 3 Key Differences

Cannabis has long been cultivated outdoors and is one of the oldest agricultural crops in existence. Growing indoors, however, has been around for less than a century and came about as a result of prohibition.

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Natural fight against smell

Smell is among the major causes of incarceration for growers.

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Strain Tester

Before putting a plant onto the market, Dinafem people test it thoroughly for the desired characteristics.

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Jelly Hash a potent delicacy!

In this issue, we will describe how to prepare our jelly, a series of extractions resulting in a resin of excellent quality. 

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Bat guano: natural phosphorus

Organic growing

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Led lighting

When I first heard about LED lights many years ago, I had heard many things but nothing concusive. No one could actually say to me "Yes..I have grown and smoked LED grown cannabis". As far as I was concerned, the only two main forms of lighting came as CFL or HPS. The rest was up to the grower, genetics, their set up and plenty of other variables that nature throws our way.

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The eco-friendly harvest

Northern European home-grown cannabis is often dominated by the indoor self-sufficient home grower. The variable climate, especially in Northern Europe, has resulted in a rapidly growing army of indoor growers.

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APTUS: the link between technology and nature

For decades, man has indiscriminately used all sorts of synthetic fertilisers and pesticides and so, today, the planet and its inhabitants are suffering the negative effects of this choice. The soil is more and more poisoned, it is depleted of the majority of necessary minerals and its bacterial flora is dying out.

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The Winter Grow Room

A funny thing happened in the UK this year, something that only occurs maybe once every five years or so. This year, we actually had a summer! We've been basking in sunshine for the last few months and enjoying every minute of it. Pub beer gardens have been full. The ladies of the UK have been strutting around wearing next to nothing. It's been awesome!

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A crash course into LED growing

Despite LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) being around from the 60s and indoor growing being practiced quite extensively the past decades, a successful marriage of the two doesn't seem to have happened yet. As a technology, it failed to grasp the imagination of growers and most see it as an inferior lighting that at best can be used as supplement. But do LEDs produce inferior lighting conditions than traditional HID lamps, or is it that the technology...

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The Race To The Bottom

Not so long ago, growing indoors was an exclusive club, like a secretive society. There was just a handful of grow shops in the UK.

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The Neutralizer: a champion amongst champions

This edition of Growmed brought back the European Product Awards, the cannabis industry's great celebration where the best products from Spain, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Germany/Switzerland, Italy, France and Czech Republic, as well as the overall European champion, are awarded prizes. Until now, the EPA always took place during a great party in Amsterdam, together with the Highlife Cup, but, starting this year, they moved to Growmed...

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Grow Vertical? Pros and Cons

Vertical growing systems look like something out of a sci-fi film, in-fact some are actually used by NASA. They're ingenious and a real sign of how progressive indoor growing has become. If you're an experienced grower who is lacking in floor space, they might just be worth considering.....

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Don't Get Complacent!

When you're new to something, you make mistakes; it's a fact of life. You learn to write, you make a few spelling mistakes. You learn to drive, you dent a few bumpers.

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New Year, New Grow Room

What to start with and how will it cost? Maybe you've grown in the past and want to know what's new?

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7-colour LED's - why they work

Plants, like most land-based life forms, need the correct spectrum of light to allow the process of photosynthesis and uptake of CO2.

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