Anthracnose, Blight, Canker and Damping-off

Identify and Control 

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Siting the Greenhouse

GROW WITH Jorge Cervantes

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Sanctuary Preservation

The vast majority of medical cannabis gardeners are normal people with a regular schedule, simple lifestyle, and pleasant demeanor. They keep their gardens and grounds in line with neighborhood 

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10 Years with Sweet Seeds.

In the 2015 season, we celebrate our tenth Anniversary.

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Case Study Toni

As a medical patient, Toni has a passion for cannabis cultivation. He is constantly experimenting with new products, collecting information and fine tuning his gardens. This case study follows one of his gardens and interjects a few examples from past gardens too.

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Indica, Sativa and Ruderalis

This Original Afghani #1 from 1978 had reddish stigmas, but more often this variety would have white stigmas.

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Seeds and Seedlings

Exponential growth of seed selection and legal seed sales in the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Canada, France, Switzerland, Spain, medical cannabis states in the USA, and many other countries, is making cannabis genetics more accessible than ever before. Most of the seeds (genetics) are available worldwide via Internet purveyors. Cannabis seeds are sold in every country on earth—some of which are illegal. Google “buy marijuana...

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€ 100,000 for medical research cycled together!

They come from all over Europe and even North America. Norwegians, Spaniards, Britons, Germans, French, Americans, Germans, Slovenes and a Canadian. The Medical Cannabis Bike Tour is becoming increasingly international! There are even four women, which can surely only benefit the performance of the male riders. Our base is the town of Onda, where the cannabis circus set up camp in an impersonal hotel the day before the start. The Spanish spring sunshine...

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Guide to Hempy Buckets

This style of growing is a huge hit in the US and Canada. Hempy buckets are a great option for growers looking to cultivate big plants, they are also cheap to make and easy to maintain.

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Growmed 2013 a Great Success!

Here at Soft Secrets we are very proud of having organised a fair as successful as Growmed 2013. The fair was a complete success, both in terms of the high level of attendance by visitors, as well as the large number of exhibitors and excellent organisation.

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The Backyard Garden by by Jorge Cervantes

After a decade of living in Spain where I could legally grow cannabis for personal consumption, I returned to the USA. Even though I was examined by a doctor and prescribed a "Medical Marijuana Certificate" from the State of California, my new "home," I still felt uncomfortable with the legal system.

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The leading medical cannabis fair in Europe

Growmed is the leading medical cannabis fair in Europe. Its 2012 edition was a great success. The Growmed team is already working hard to ensure that the 2013 edition will be bigger and better, with plenty of new features and surprises. The fair will be held on the 19, 20 and 21 of April at Feria de Valencia, one of the most important fairgrounds in Europe.

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GrowMed 2012

The history of cannabis fairs began with Soft Secrets magazine and the successful Highlife Fair organised in towns such as Utrecht, Amsterdam or Barcelona. This first stage saw the public speeches mainly concentrated on hemp and its uses, namely in the textile, food or cosmetics fields. It's also important to emphasize that this sector of our industry has by now become well-established, with several fairs held throughout Europe, carrying on the...

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The important thing is to grow long, of 8-10 months. The weather can be a little bad or cold. In this case must be protected with plastic greenhouse.

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"Now it's for real; the free market has arrived!"

In the summer of 2006, we interviewed Jorge Cervantes, one of the greatest international cannabis experts and contributor to Soft Secrets. Five years later, he doesn't look a day younger, and still has the same enthusiasm for work and learning. It is always a great pleasure to speak with Jorge Cervantes, not only for his knowledge of the cannabis world, but also for his depth as a person.

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Damping-off kills seeds, seedlings and clones. It can also attack buds and stems (Botrytis cinera). There are two kinds of damping off one kills seeds when they germinate and before they break through the soil. The second post/emergence damping-off is the rotting or wilting of seedlings soon after they emerge from the soil.

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Mixing Soil for Transplant-RC Article

Mixing several commercial soils is often the best option to get a soil that drains well and holds nutrients too. I prefer organic soil so do medicinal cannabis plants. You have many different soils available. The main thing to look at is the consistency of the soil.

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Seeds, Soil and Lumens

I started to germinate seeds between wet paper towels. I put them on a plate covered plastic wrap and put the plate in a desk drawer. Then I started doing research online about growing this wonderful plant. I planted the first couple of seeds when one-inch-long white roots started to grow. I let the others continue to sprout and planted them as they showed white roots. I had forgotten about the rest of the seeds that were still germinating.

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Cracked Leaves

The leaves on my plants are cracking in half and developing light and brown spots. Overall leaves are light green and do not look healthy. What can I do? They're about 10 cm tall with 4 pairs of leaves.

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