Low Gear vegetative growing - a tactical slow down

Most of the time we strive to grow our plants as fast as genetics will allow. Faster growth from the start means more growth sites and fuller plants with less chance for pathogens and bugs to creep in, leading to the biggest yield in the fastest time.

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The Cannabis Vascular System

Vascular plants include flowering plants such as cannabis, and are distinguished in part by their use of specialized cells known as xylem to raise water and nutrients from the roots up to the leaves, and phloem to transport sugars and organic compounds produced in photosynthesis around the plant from sources where they are made, to where they are stored or used.

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Word From The StreetWord From The Street

What's going on in our nations grow shops at the moment? What are the popular products? We had a chat with Midlands grow shop owner Mike (not his real name) to see what's been selling well over the last few months.

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Before Harvest

Watering is important when plants are flowering. Continue regular irrigation as needed. Make sure to check the soil moisture daily to avoid overwatering. Always irrigate in the morning so that the majority of water is used during the day. Soggy roots at night will slow growth substantially.

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Ultimate Root Zone!

The first few days of a plant's life are often overlooked but are among the most crucial to success. Getting the best root system possible at this stage will not only increase final yield dramatically, but also give a healthier plant in general.

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APTUS: the link between technology and nature

For decades, man has indiscriminately used all sorts of synthetic fertilisers and pesticides and so, today, the planet and its inhabitants are suffering the negative effects of this choice. The soil is more and more poisoned, it is depleted of the majority of necessary minerals and its bacterial flora is dying out.

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Water, EC and Nutrient Solution

The concentration of the nutrient solution has an enormous effect on plant development and growth. Measuring the overall concentration or strength of a ‘balanced' solution is essential. Focus on nutrient balance and concentration in the solution to head off deficiencies before they cause big problems.

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Hydro Head To Head

The summer is over! Finally we can crack on with setting up the grow room, safe in the knowledge that our precious plants are no longer susceptible to mother nature punishing us with a heat wave! When you embark on your winter grow and you're eyeing up the options in your local hydro shop, what will you go for? Good ol' fashioned compost or a high tech hydro system?

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Container Culture and Hydroponics

Understanding some basic concepts about container culture and hydroponics is essential to avoid problems and harvest a heavy crop. Often cannabis gardeners get side tracked and spend their time on designing and trying new garden systems that they forget to pay attention to the basics - oxygen and nutrient solution balance.

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Cloning for Success

Successful cloning for soil or mixed media is simple. A few easy guidelines will allow you to, over time, take one plant and make as many genetically identical copies as you want, for as long as you want. Several European cultivars of grapes are clones of plants originally grown over two-thousand years ago. Keeping a great strain is definitely a good reason for learning how to clone.

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Seeds and Needs

Imagine that you were going to pack up a Cannabis plant and transport it through space and time - there are some changes that could be made to an average plant that would help. For ease of transportation, and reduced shipping costs, it would be nice to minimize the size of the package. Limiting the number of roots would also help. As anyone who has rooted cuttings knows, one root is the sign that the clone is going to ‘take' and all should...

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Manipulating Bigger Buds

I was lucky enough to learn about plant manipulation from a friend long before I got my hands on any cannabis-related reading materials.

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The Medical Bike Tour 2013

Pain, exhaustion and cycling on willpower alone is tough enough for cycling pros. The fifteen participants in the Medical Bike Tour 2013 found out for themselves what this means for poorly trained amateurs in a three-day stage tour through wild Spanish mountains. When Team Cannabis turned up at the GrowMed fairground in Valencia after 380 gruelling kilometres, the relief and euphoria were almost palpable. Each of the riders beat their demons - and...

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Growmed 2013 a Great Success!

Here at Soft Secrets we are very proud of having organised a fair as successful as Growmed 2013. The fair was a complete success, both in terms of the high level of attendance by visitors, as well as the large number of exhibitors and excellent organisation.

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Think Different

This grow comes from a Dutch Passion customer, Mr Ganjamoto, who used 3 x 600w HPS lights and 1 x 300w Plasma light to grow 8 Think Different's in a grow room which had Carbon Dioxide enrichment to produce some outrageously sized buds.

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The People Speak!

About a month back I found myself down in London, partaking in one of my favourite past times; wandering into a local grow shop and having a good old chinwag with the bloke behind the counter. It fascinates me how different areas of the UK prefer different growing styles, nutrients, lights and strains, plus - if they're not too busy with customers - the owners generally like to have a natter.

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Water is a fundamental requirement for gardening that it is paradoxically often given little thought.

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Spannabis 2013

The biggest show in the Cannabis industry celebrated its tenth birthday with a bang! Bigger, better and busier than ever; Spannabis 2013 was one hell of a weekend.

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Soil and Soil Analysis

Many soils and soilless mixes used by cannabis gardeners is peat based and mixed with other elements.

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PH must be one of the most widely discussed subjects amongst growers and also one of the most often blamed factors when a grow starts to go bad. But what does PH actually measure? Why is it important? Is there a way to grow that gets you around having to adjust PH of your nutrient solution?

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