What is "The Green Dragon„? How is it made?

Green Dragon is a liquid concentrate that is made from leaf or bud. It is made by soaking dried marijuana in alcohol for several weeks at room temperature or speeding up the process by heating the alcohol to about 21º for about an hour.

Here's the recipe:

1.) Grind the leaf or bud. Use about 30 grams leaf or 5 grams bud in 250 cc's alcohol.

2.) Heat leaf or bud in a 40º oven until it is crisp. This decarboxalates the inactive THCA(acid) molecule, which releases water and CO2, and becomes the psycho-active THC. By keeping the temperature relatively low, the terpenes, the odor molecules, which also give marijuana its "personality", are preserved, rather than evaporated.

3.) Optional Step- Soak the grass in cold water. The chlorophyll and other water solubles dissolve in the water and are removed so they won't dissolve into the alcohol solution.

4.) Soak the marijuana in high proof alcohol such as 90% grain neutral spirits or over-proof rum (150 proof). DO NOT USE RUBBING OR ISOPROPL ALCOHOL. IT IS POISONOUS AND OFTEN CAUSES BLINDNESS. Soak at room temperature or a little warmer for three weeks in a glass container. Keep the solution in the dark.

If you are using the cooking method, raise the temperature to 70º and soak the solution for about an hour. Alcohol boils at about 78º so the temperature should remain below that to prevent vapors. Use an electric, rather than a gas appliance to heat the alcohol. Use a cooking thermometer to check temperature of the liquid. Indoors use a stove with an overhead hood.

5.) Remove the marijuana from the liquid using a coffee filter.

6.) The Green Dragon solution is ready to be used as is or it can be refined and concentrated.

To concentrate it gently raise the temperature to about 78º so the liquid
simmers and evaporates.

One way to refine it so the non-oil solubles are separated from the psychoactive THC and terpenes is to add a small amount of petroleum ether (which is a restricted chemical in some jurisdictions) and some water to the alcohol in a wide mouthed jar. Shake or stir the jar or bottle. Three layers will emerge. The water level absorbs the water solubles such as chlorophyll and other pigments so it turns dark green. The alcohol layer is pale green. The petroleum ether selectively solubilizes the THC and terpenes but remains fairly clear. Let it sit out and you will be left with a gooey oil that is extremely potent. Another idea is to add the concentrate to some alcohol and let it sit in open air for a few hours, The petroleum ether will evaporate leaving a purified alcohol solution.

There are many ways to use Green Dragon. My favorite way is to use a dropper to release drops under my tongue, sublingually. The solution is quickly absorbed through the mucous membranes in the mouth and gets into the blood stream very quickly providing me with a "smoking-it" type high within a few minutes. I have also used it in drinks and placed drops on food. They go through the digestive system, which changes the chemistry a little and gives you an "eating-it„ type of high.