2016-01-23 - Grow with Stoney Tark

As a former skunk lover and someone who thrives off fruity chunky skunk buds, I could not wait to grow this skunk phenotype. Paradise Seeds have a 20 year collection of some great genetics and Wappa seems to be a real blast from the past. She flowers in 8 weeks and produces large calyx buds, with bright orange hairs and even brighter buds. The smell is so fruity and inviting that skunk lovers will recognize this pedigree immediately.. 

Week 1 of growth period

The aim of this grow is to grow one big plant and to veg for 5 weeks and to flower for 8 weeks. I shall be using the Budmaster Osram Deluxe model of L.E.D. It uses only 300w but backs some serious power in terms of P.A.R. For my medium I will use some fresh co co inside an airpot. I germinate the seed into a jiffy and spray the jiffy with water and Super Vit. The seed cracks and a fat set of healthy glowing leaves show themselves. Under the L.E.D the seedling thrives and grows strong, under 18/6. I have the light at the top of my tent and will keep it there. The plant will grow up to the light accordingly. Now the seedling is growing a few inches each day. I keep a fan blowing on the young plant to make the stem strong as it grows, so it sways in a gentle breeze. The plant height after 5 days is 6.9cm.

Week 2 of growth period

The rate of growth is great and now, new leaves are growing bright green tips. The new growth is thick and leafy. Characteristics of the old skunk varieties show and even during immaturity of the small plants, you can get a clear fruity skunk smell. I hand feed the plant and add Atami Root Fast and Hesi TNT Complex. These nutrients are one part base feeds that are soft and P.H friendly. Plant height is now 16.2cm and leaf width of 4cm apart and 4.9cm long. Quite small and squat but thick to the touch. 2 weeks in and I check the root growth by moving the side of the pot, to find bright white hairy roots reaching for the sides. 14 days in and so far so good. The new growth is forming very quickly and soon I will add my scrog net in.

Week 3 of growth period

This strain is growing very quickly but very well also. New shoots are growing larger and thick. For my SCROG net I have made a net from plastic garden pea netting. I pin each side to the corners of the grow tent and have a nice plastic net to work with. I feed the side branches through the closest squares to the centre and pull the main shoot to the side. This way they will grow even and fight for the light. I quickly pinch out the main head also and foliar spray everything. Now I have a net over the canopy it is difficult to judge the plant height. Either way, the stem is now a thickness of of 1.3cm in width. The width of the fan leaves are now 12.4cm in width and 15.9cm in length. The scent is now skunky and mouth watering with a small squat presence.

Week 4 of growth period

The net is working well and from above, my canopy is very wide. I have 9 main shoots all growing through. The head of the top shoot that I pinched out last week has returned with 2 bright green shoots. Now I will pinch out each of the main shoots and then will pull the new growth back through
the net. I do this to promote new growth and to finish with a canopy that is as wide as possible. I add my feed at 6ml per litre and ensure the plants are happy after pinching them out. I spray the shoots that I removed and make sure the screen is clear for new growth to grow up through. The Budmaster light is doing the business and plant health is very vigorous and sturdy. After 28 days, I now have twice as many tops and the screen is becoming fuller. The canopy height is spot on and if you look at the canopy from the screen, it will appear totally even. By this point, the new growth is through the screen. I decide to pull the shoots back through so now the whole metre square of screen is occupied. Once I am happy I have plenty of space and a good air flow, I will pinch these plants out for a third time. If I can achieve as many productive heads as possible, then it will be a successful scrog. The smell of this strain is very floral and skunky, fruity yet menacing.

Week 5 of growth period

The last week of veg and now things look great. My scrog net is totally full whilst any lower growth below the net was swiftly removed. The stems on the wappa are getting thick real quick. The main stem has really packed on weight and has grown to a width of 3.3cm. Not only has the stem grown 2cm and turned hard and woody, there are stretch marks around the base. I snap several of the main stems and leave them in the net. This is a good idea to induce strong woody plants. I add Hesi TNT Complex at 5ml per litre and Super Vit. The plants have been through a lot of stress so for the next 2 weeks I shall leave them to grow out. Paradise Seeds have made a very easy to grow, easy to work with strain, that I would say so far ticks all of the boxes. Day 35 and I flower the plants.

Week 1 of flower

After many years of growing skunk strains in the 1990-2000 era, I became use to pop corn sized nugs of bright green proportion. Usually flowered in 7.5 weeks max and rewarded with stinking orange haired goodness. Now Wappa is an 8 week variety so let’s see what weight she can pack on.
I feed Hesi TNT Complex and Super Vit. The canopy is filling out now with a real density. I expect a good sized stretch; after all it will help a little with canopy control. The plants grow up past the screen and shoot up nearly 10 inches or so. She recovers from the pinching out and snapping of the stems. The Budmaster light is now 80cm above my plant but is still generating enough P.A.R to demand serious growth. The fan leaves expand dramatically and now display a real width to them.

Week 2 of flower

This strain does not stretch a lot but now I have a very uniform canopy height. She continues to stretch and looks to finish at a height of 70cm. considering I have pinched her out 3 times and also used a net; she grows vigorously to say the least. To check the stem, it is now 4.9cm wide but very tough and woody. The overall shape of Wappa is like the Jewish candle stick. I am hoping to see some of the long budding arms come through strong. The smells are now so smelly and sweet, I find it hard not to pull a bud off and Rosin Tech it for oil! When you brush past the plant, the room fills with a powerful skunk aroma. A very smelly plant especially as she prepares to bud. I feed Hesi TNT and now after 14 days will start to use Hesi PK 13/14.

Week 3 of flower

Now this strain is producing new quickly growth very quickly. A new aroma develops sweeter and skunky. A real pleasure to anyone who can appreciate a fine aroma of dank Forrest fruits. She still continues to stretch but only by 10cm on average. If anything now, she is really pushing for lateral growth. The trichomes begin to form in clusters on the new growth and lower shoots. To squeeze a leaf with trichomes on leaves behind the softest peachy fruit skunk aroma. It is really a delight and one I cannot wait to enjoy in many different ways. After 21 days of flower, everything looks really good. The plants look like they could not be happier, with leaves pointing up and angled towards the light. Air flow is great and my temps are 22 degrees. I find with the L.E.D that heat issues are not as prevalent.

Week 4 of flower

Day 28 and the rate of growth is staggering. This plant sure grows fast and wide. Now the plant vigour is really filling out. New growth is blooming like crazy. All frosty leaves grow from every part of the plant and the aroma has changed slightly to a peachy pine smell. The buds that are forming are large with old school skunk characteristics on display. There seems to be budding sites forming everywhere and now my scrog net is working perfectly. I would advise this strain for anyone who wants to scrog or ´sea of green´ scenario. I add Hesi PK 13/14 at a rate of 4ml per litre whilst adding Hesi TNT at 5ml per litre. I am very impressed by how this plant is taking to the nutrients and L.E.D.

Week 5 of flower

Half way the blooming phase and so far so good! I see some serious biomass forming now. The buds are swelling up with new trichome rich leaves growing though. The wooden stems are strong and show vigour. I check and see nothing but biomass buds forming. I add PK 13/14 at 5ml per litre and add Super Vit. The buds are turning to a lighter green drenched in white crystal, that show an abundance of cloudy heads forming under a lupe. The pistils are bright white and thick hairs. They grow all over the forming buds as they fill out with a large density.

Week 6 of flower

The shape of the plant is really filling out. The nugs are turning to a clumpy round shape, whilst buds fill the plant all over. If I squeeze the buds, I can really squeeze with force and press the biomass. The nugs smell very fragrant with a sharp fruit with a skunk background. All of the leaves are still pointing at 45 degree angles in response to the perfect lighting and feeding conditions. Now I will watch as this strain fills out and becomes bulky. Day 42 and after I feed once more with Hesi PK 13/14 and TNT Complex before I begin to flush.

Week 7 of flower

After 50 days of blooming and she is looking thick with flowers. A very productive easy to grow plant. I am excited to see the calyxes are large and chunky. Looks like the kind of buds where a gram from the coffee shop, would fill a bag up. The shape of the buds is round but pointy looking. The hairs are big and fluffy and what hairs have turned brown, wrap themselves around the calyx. There is a clear pungent fruity skunk smell that sends the senses wild and it only makes me more eager to harvest this beautiful lady! For this week I am only feeding water so will be flushing for a total of 14 days.

Week 8 of flower

Now this lady is at the end of her bloom cycle and looks incredible. There are buds packed in every area and sugar leaf to die for. Harvesting should not be too difficult as there is a very high calyx to leaf ratio. I cut the screen off and am able to see the final outcome. I have plenty of stems to chop down and after 55 days, I decide I am more than happy with this feminized strain from Paradise Seeds. I harvest as soon as lights out and turn on the green lamps I have. Firstly I remove the fan leaves as quickly as I can, then get to see what I will chop and what I will save for trim. I carefully trim these fat plump buds into shape and fill my dry net top to bottom. I keep the buds in a cool dry place with a very soft air movement and check up every 3 days. After 10 days the buds are ready to weigh. Off 1 plant I got just over 14.5 oz dry.
The buds smell very inviting and very exotic. I hope they will taste as sweet as they look. I put a small bud in the grinder and out comes what looks like twice as much! The colour is bright green and smells like mango but like berries also. There is a definite fruity skunk taste that coats the lips, leaving the smoker guessing what that winning combination really is. When entering a room with Wappa being smoked, the aroma is pungent and skunky. The initial high is light and giggly, whilst the head feels lighter. After my second joint, there is a big cerebral high that has me thinking deep...comforted by a total relaxing feeling. I develop an enormous appetite and am ready to watch a long movie...
In the end I am over the top with the results from this grow. Another Paradise Seeds strain that produces top quality flowers at ease, as well as possesses true medicinal qualities.

Budmaster 300w Osram Deluxe LED
NUTRIENTS: Atami Root Fast, Hesi TNT Complex, Hesi PK 13/14, Super Vit
MEDIUM: Large airpot + 20 Litres of Canna Co Co
TENT: 1.2m x 1.2m x 2m
YIELD: 406g

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