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What Does 4/20 Mean In The World of Cannabis?

420 is a part of cannabis lore. It can be used to refer to the drug. It can be used to refer to cannabis appreciation. It can be used to refer to a time - 4:20 - time for a toke. It can be used to refer to a day – April 20 – known as…

How to make peanut butter weed cookies

Peanut butter used to be my favourite thing on earth when I grew up. Take some white bread; add a little butter, a think layer of greasy peanut butter and put a little bit of white sugar on top. OMG, I loved it (and still do). My mom used…

3 Examples of how big cannabis plants can grow outdoors

Growing your weed outdoor under the sun is one of the most satisfying and exciting things you can do. But a lot of people who start growing don't realize that cannabis plants grown outdoors can turn into huge, huge trees that can be seen…

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