The Canadian military wants to buy marijuana mimicking goggles

The Canadian military has a zero-tolerance policy on drugs considered to be illicit, with the exception of medical cannabis. However, they still wish to educate their soldiers and officers on what its effects can be like. To do so, they have created a contract worth an estimated $170,000 and are asking for companies to approach them with an offer.

The simulation kits will consist of goggles that allow officers to feel the effects of cannabis during leadership training without actually sparking up, allowing them to go on and recognize the symptoms of use among their soldiers.

According to Daniel Le Bouthilier, a National Defence spokesman, “The kits are designed to provide a first-hand experience of marijuana’s effects on the body in order to better identify signs of drug use. This will, in turn, raise marijuana awareness and reduce the risk of impairment, while promoting a healthier lifestyle for all CAF members.”

The Canadian military currently has similar simulation kits for the effects of alcohol. With the cannabis kits, users will experience distorted vision, impaired motor-coordination and slowed decision making. Users will have to undergo these effects while performing various activities, such as exercising, driving and playing catch.

It seems like a strange move that is out of touch practice — something you would have expected to be done back in the 60’s, but not now when cannabis is on the cusp of legalization in the country. It will also be hard for these kits to give a genuine experience, especially in relation to change in mood cannabis can create.