Confusing cannabis amounts: grams, quarters, dimes and ounces

Have you ever bought weed and felt confused by all the talk of grams, eighths, quarters and halves? Sometimes it feels like you need a math degree just to figure out exactly how much weed you’re buying.

To help clearing up the confusion, we took it upon ourselves to convert some of the most popular cannabis weights so you can rest assured you know exactly how much weed you’re getting.

We’ll explain everything from common cannabis amounts (like quarters and eighths) to less common amounts like dimes, nickels, dubs, sticks, and 50s. So, read on, and happy smoking!


If you’re buying small amounts of weed, you’ll usually be buying it in terms of grams. Most dealers or dispensaries (if you’re lucky enough to live in an area where pot is legal) won’t sell you less than a gram.

For any of you unfamiliar with the metric system, a gram is equal to 1000 milligrams, or 0.002 pounds. And yes, 1000 grams is a kilo.

How long a gram lasts depends entirely on your tolerance and habits. Irregular smokers might be able to make a gram last multiple smoke sessions, while veteran stoners might pack an entire gram into a single joint or blunt.


When buying in larger amounts, weed is commonly sold in ounces or parts of ounces, namely eighths, quarters, and halves.

One ounce is equal to roughly 28 grams (or 28.4, if you want to be exact). That being the case, an eighth is equal to 3.5 grams; a quarter is equal to 7 grams, and a half is equal to 14 grams.

Again, how long each of these amounts last you comes down to how much and how frequently you smoke. However, an ounce of weed should last a daily smoker between 1-2 months.


Large amounts of weed are generally sold in pounds and, to a lesser extent, in kilos. A pound is equal to about 453 grams while a kilo is equal to 1000 grams.

Unless you’re planning on giving out weed to your family and friends or preparing for the apocalypse, you generally won’t be buying pounds or kilos of weed as a user.


While weed is generally sold by its weight, it can also be sold in dollar amounts such as dimes, nickels, and dubs. Here are the conversions:

1 nickel= $5 worth of weed.

1 dime= $10 worth of weed.

1 dub= $20 worth of weed.

How much weed you get for each of these amounts varies greatly depending on the quality of what you’re buying and of course on where you’re buying it.

For example: the average price of an ounce (28 grams) of high quality weed in the US is $320.65, while in legal states like California and Colorado, the average price for high quality weed is roughly $240 per ounce.


The amounts we’ve covered above are by far the most common used when buying cannabis. However, in some countries or states, people may buy weed in terms of sticks, twenties, and fifties.

This system is similar to that of nickels, dimes, and dubs. Twenties and fifties refer to cash amounts of weed ($20 and $50, respectively), while a stick generally refers to 1 gram of weed.