Highdeas: my socks are stealing my weed

Highdeas: my socks are stealing my weed

Your weed is missing, and you’re pretty sure nobody has access to it. Did a break-in happen? Why was nothing else taken? Oh wait, the only other thing missing, is one of your favorite socks. Sounds familiar?

Did you ever consider that it might be your socks that stole your weed?

Think about it. Being a sock must really suck!

As Jerry Seinfeld stated, socks have pretty miserable lives; they spend their life on your feet and in the drawer. They also want some excitement in their lives! It’s possible that they cling to the walls of the washing machine, or by first hiding under the laundry-basket for weeks until it find the perfect moment to escape?

Well if I was a sock, I would probably do the same. And yes, I would grab that weed on my way out as well. But why to take nothing else than your weed though? And why not grab his or her buddy on the way out?


This topic requires an open mind to mind-bending riddles. Think about all the socks that disappear from your washing machine, closet, floor—wherever you keep your socks—where did they all go?

There are many theories on the "disappearing sock" mystery, but there’s also actual science behind the missing sock mystery, which can be solved with a math equation.

Scientists in Great Britain have come to a conclusion that an average of £2 billion is wasted over a year due to the disappearing sock enigma, among Britons only.


We’ve all seen random gloves, shoes and even socks on the street. Maybe they did steel your weed, made a run for it, but couldn’t handle the high and committed suicide in the street. Or maybe it might be good to check your washing machine a bit better.

All we can really advise you is to keep a good eye on your stash and never trust your socks.