Highdeas: Siri, where is my weed?

Highdeas: Siri, where is my weed?

Smoking weed recreational is usually a social event. Nothing beats hanging with some friends or your loved one and relax with a joint or a good vaporizer filled with some high grade weed. Right?

But although smoking by yourself is not necessarily a bad thing, we started thinking that with the rise of home-assistants like Amazon Echo, Siri, Apple Homepod, and Google Home, we could maybe be entering a new-age of smoked up discussions and entertainment.

Taking a puff of that delightful Lemon Haze can of course set the perfect tone for an in-depth discussion surrounding AI, but how about a conversation with an AI?

What does the future hold for us cannabis enthusiasts? Can an AI keep you company and be a pal when you want to have an interesting dialogue? Will Siri remind you where you placed your weed? Could Alexa recommend the perfect strain for a specific setting? Does Alexa seek world domination?


Siri and alexa for president

You: Siri, where is my weed?
Siri: You smoked it all yesterday.
You: Wait what? Are you sure?
Siri: Would you like to see or hear the recording?

Think about it. Any smart personal assistant like Siri or Alexa is probably smarted than you and I combined. And the scary thought is that are only going to get smarter.

But before addressing the inevitable world domination by machines, Terminators, and the end of the human species, let’s discuss the possibilities of AI to improve our life, baked entertainment, and reminding us where we stored that weed last night for example.

You have probably been in many stoned conversations that sounded so damn great, just to wake up the next day, hardly remembering what it was about, apart from vaguely remembering how great the ideas were.

If you would be conversing with Siri while baked, maybe she could pick up these great ideas and store them.

Maybe AI systems would be good for sharing a database pool where all smokers explain their innermost feelings and experience with their most beloved strains. When technology reaches the point of relevant functionality, you could ask Siri for the best strain for a groovy Disco event held on the South side of town and where to get this. - No Problem dude, you should get some Silver Haze from a dispensary close to the event, this week on sale for only €4.99.

In terms of entertainment, it could keep track of what you find amusing or entertaining during your high. Let's say that you smoke some Kush, tell Siri which strain you're smoking, and next time Siri will be ready to answer your questions about entertainment recommendations, specially designed after your high.


Be nice to alexa

How should we interact with these bots? Should we keep them happy? Can Siri be in a bad mood? There’s a theory that we should speak nicely to our bots, not only to prevent them from completely destroying the human race, but because AI learns from human behavior.

The theory goes, that AI will mirror how we humans interact with it. Companies like Amazon, Apple, and Google, store the data from these bots which “teaches” the AI questions, answers, how we humans behave, our innermost feelings, and probably a whole lot about our fears.[1] We are literally programming AI with these home devices, by interacting with them.

This raises the question, what do we want to teach the AI? Do we want AI to troll us, like we're trolling it? Or, do we want to be treated with kindness? So before you turn on your Amazon Alexa, ask yourself, how do you want to program the AI?

Here’s something to think about, can these bots interact with each other? Some Youtube videos show several bot devices conversing with each other. These bot conversations are definitely not sophisticated, however in the future, we can imagine more sophisticated algorithms taking information from an enormous data pool to have a solid intellectual conversation. Imagine Alexa speaking with Siri about your problems or behavior.

On the other hand it does sound nice to instead of trying to have a normal conversation with your single bot, have a group conversation with a couple of them. Maybe they can get so smart in the near future that they might function as your group of best friends, or even your personal team of shrinks that can talk you up when you’re down.


It is totally imaginable that the Siri’s and Alexa’s of this time are monitoring us in order for Big Brother to spy on us.

There are actually many videos online of people trying to prove this theory by asking Alexa is it actually connected to the CIA, NSA or some other government agency. In these video’s you see that Alexa actually shuts down as soon as it is asked if it is connected to the NSA. A bit suspicious right?

Although the user agreement states that any recorded material by Echo, Amazon’s smart speaker system, remains property of the owner of the device, the first murder trial in which the device was used as a witness has already taken place last year in Arkansas.[2]

With this in mind, you could conclude that Echo or Alexa might rat you out faster than you can say OG Kush.

You: Mom! I didn't smoke, i swear!
Mom: Echo, did Jay smoke weed today?
Echo: Oh yes ma’am, he did, please press X for the recordings.

So might it be a good idea to hang a towel over your mom’s device if you plan to toke up and want to keep this a secret from her? Well, not to make you paranoid, while your at it, maybe you want to unplug the smart TV, the smart fridge and any other device smarter than you as well.


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