How to Store Weed the Best Way

Just like with other smokeable herbs, such as tobacco, it’s important to store cannabis correctly in order to preserve its flavor and aroma, as well as protect it from mold caused by humidity. In this post, we’ll show you the best way to store your weed to ensure the perfect smoke every time.


The best way to store your weed is in an airtight glass or mason jars found at your local hardware or kitchen supply store. If you don’t want to buy jars, hang on to empty jam jars and lids, wash them thoroughly and voila.

Always aim to fill these jars as much as possible as extra air will dry out your buds faster. Also try to store your jars in cool, dark places as too much light exposure will damage your buds over time (just like tobacco).

Avoid storing your jars in hot areas, such as cabinets above your stove or next to your oven. Heat will dry your buds out quickly.


Anything that you smoke, be it weed, tobacco, or smokeable herb mixes, should be kept slightly humid.

Tobacco smokers will usually keep cigars and pipe tobacco at around 50-60% humidity, and you can apply the same rules to your weed stash. At these humidity levels, your weed will remain nice and fresh without running the risk of going moldy.

The best way to keep your weed humid is to use a humidifying device, such as the moisture pouch buttons used to keep tobacco fresh. Simply soak them in water and keep them in a sealed bag inside your weed jar for delicious, fresh buds. Simply re-soak the packs every couple of days or as needed.

Alternatively, if you want to step things up a notch, we suggest using humidifier packs. Available in various humidity levels, these packs will keep your stash fresh for up to 3 months. Simply add a pack to each mason jar and replace when necessary.

Marijuana, just like tobacco and other smokable herbs, cannabis is made to be enjoyed, and to maximize your enjoyment, it’s vital you store your stash correctly. Follow these tips and you’ll be guaranteed a fresh smoke, no matter how quickly or slowly you go through your buds.


Most weed comes in cheap ziplock bags. These are fine for transporting your bud back to your house, but you don’t want to be using them as a long-term storage solution. Here’s why.

First of all, plastic zip lock bags offer little-to-no protection for your weed. This usually means that, by the time you’ve thrown your buds into your bag and arrived at wherever it is you’re planning to smoke, you’ll find them crushed and broken.

Second, plastic zip lock bags do not seal well, allowing air to easily enter and exit the bag. While this can cause obvious problems for anyone trying to direct attention from their stash, it also means your buds are able to lose their unique aromas and flavors.

Finally, zip lock bags allow moisture to escape, meaning your buds will usually end up too dry in no time.