How to use cannabis concentrates

How to use cannabis concentrates

In ordinary decent stoner terms, cannabis concentrates are extracted resin. These concentrates or extracts are trichomes removed from buds and sugar leaves. The methods of obtaining and processing resin range from the easy to the exotic.

Traditionally, flowers are beaten and screened to produce kief, which is later pressed into a block of hashish is old school. Typical contemporary cannabis concentrates are usually obtained by solvent extraction processes. Butane and Isopropyl extraction are popular amongst DIY hash makers and professionals. This is where “honey oil” or BHO comes from.

How to use cannabis concentrates

Advanced CO2 extraction techniques are utilised by high-end dispensaries and extract specialists with lab facilities. CBD extracts are often refined this way to guarantee medicinal grade concentrate.

Tinctures are concentrates too. CBD medicinal cannabis tinctures and high THC recreational tinctures are available in Colorado and rapidly becoming the new hot concentrate. God only knows what the 19th Century pharmacist’s cannabis tincture tasted like, but this new breed comes in a range of fruity flavours.

The cleanest cannabis concentrates and simplest to make at home, are solvent-free extracts. Blond pollen hash can be easily shaken from frozen buds with an inexpensive pollen shaker. Top-shelf water extracted bubble hash can be made with a device the size of a coffee machine. And Fire! Rosin can be pressed from buds wrapped in parchment paper with a hair straightener.



5 ways to enjoy cannabis concentrates

Dabbing is by far the most popular way to consume concentrates. In order to enjoy a nice dab, you need the right kit. Naturally, you need a dabbing rig, blow-torch lighter and a dabbing nail. Essentially, the cannabis concentrate is vaporised on contact with the high temp surface.

Cannabis concentrates, like shatter/wax and honeycomb derived from BHO, and Rosin are probably the hottest extracts to dab right now. Definitely for those with a high tolerance as a dab hit is a tremendously powerful instant hit. Dabbing is something of an acquired taste.


5 ways to enjoy cannabis concentrates

Tinctures as alluded to above, once the forgotten extract, are making a comeback. Sublingual or under the tongue dropping is super effective. The effects of just a few drops of cannabis tincture usually kick in within 20 minutes.

Dropping is perhaps the most efficient means to medicate with cannabis. Dosage is critical and recreational users could easily get carried away. Just a few drops really are enough of this wonderful stuff.


5 ways to enjoy cannabis concentrates

Concentrates can be used to infuse all kinds of culinary delights and confectionary with cannabis. Probably the easiest cannabis infusion to perform at home is preparing some cannabis butter. Often referred to as cannabutter, this edible is a great addition to any stoner's fridge as it is a key ingredient edibles.

All kinds of dishes can be dosed and classics like cannabis brownies and cookies are always fun. Just be patient for the full effect, which can take an hour or more to kick in. Definitely not the ordinary way to enjoy concentrates, but if you got game in the kitchen and want knockout space cakes, go for it!


5 ways to enjoy cannabis concentrates

Nothing beats a nice fat blunt, except for a fat blunt with a gooey concentrate centre filling. Joints and spliffs are best suited to old world hash. Squidgy Black, Pollen, Polm, Caramelo, etcetera are always rolled up with tobacco. Modern concentrates mixed with tobacco tend to make spliffs canoe or burn like a sparkler.

Today’s sticky icky must be insulated by crumbled nuggs to form a decadent blunt core. Everything from runny BHO to flakes of shatter can be blazed in a carefully packed and rolled blunt. Certainly not the most efficient use of concentrates but it makes for a fantastic party roll up.


5 ways to enjoy cannabis concentrates

The vaporiser pen is the latest must-have stoner accessory. Vaporising concentrates is not only the most efficient method of consumption but also the most convenient. Dabbing is crude but effective, while vaporising is slick and sophisticated.

The larger desktop vaporiser is a great device for home use but the vape pen does the same job and can be taken pretty much everywhere you go. Moreover, if discreet consumption is required, most of these devices are pocket-sized and resemble E-cigarette units.


The biggest advantage of concentrates over cannabis buds for recreational users is the amazing potency. Even the absolute most chronic dankest cannabis strain can only produce nuggs with 25%-ish THC levels. This is more potent starter material than the best old school hash. Contemporary concentrates are being extracted from phenomenally potent marijuana and refined to 90%+ pure THC crystals.

On the one hand, this is great news and for veteran users cannabis concentrates provide an opportunity to unleash “Frank the Tank”. Huge dab hits and chants of “fill it up again!”. But on the other hand, cannabis concentrates can be overwhelming for novices.

Dosage is tricky to regulate and self-administer when it comes to concentrates. Frank the Tank doesn’t pull a whitey and pass out in front of his friends. And you won’t either if you respect the power of cannabis concentrates.