Marijuana VIP: Mike Tyson

Marijuana VIP: Mike Tyson

Mention the name Mike Tyson, and people instantly know him as one of the greatest boxers of all time. Winning the WBC, WBA, and IBF heavyweight titles, it's safe to say you would not want to upset him. What is lesser-known about “Iron Mike” is his use of weed before fights, and more recently, his venture into cannabis cultivation.


Iron Mike, Kid Dynamite, or the Baddest Man on the Planet—however you know Mike Tyson, his boxing skills have made him one of the best heavyweights of all time. Like so many sporting heroes, his rise to fame was fraught with challenges. Growing up, Tyson knew life could be tough, with his father leaving shortly after he was born and his mother dying when he was only sixteen.

His then boxing manager and trainer Cus D’Amato would later become his legal guardian. Trouble was never far away, and Tyson spent most of his youth living in and around high crime areas—an influence that saw him arrested dozens of times for petty crimes.

Despite all these setbacks, his prowess in the ring—even at a young age—did not go unnoticed. During his amateur years, he won two gold medals at the junior Olympics and beat several notable opponents.


Picking a handful of highlights from his career is difficult. Setting aside the personal issues that would ultimately lead to his knockout defeat, Tyson was an animal in the ring. That's not to say he was undisciplined, quite the contrary. Tyson was and is revered for his incredible skill, accuracy, and timing. His signature right hook and right uppercut combo bested many challengers. To highlight the sheer force he displayed in the ring, the vast majority of Tyson’s professional fights were won in a first-round knockout.

Tyson has been a video game character in Nintendo’s “Mike Tyson Punch-Out,” voiced cartoon characters, cameoed in the original Hangover movie, had several films made about his life, and was a longstanding friend of 2Pac. Those achievements run alongside his 50 wins by knockout and being the first heavyweight boxer to hold the WBA, WBC, and IBF titles at the same time.

The professional boxing career of Tyson may be riddled with time spent in jail and several upsets in his personal life, however, inside the ring, there are very few who even come close to his level of dominance.


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Tyson has now moved on and away from the media storm, the marketing, and the TKO’s, instead turning his attention to cannabis. Throughout his youth, and his boxing career, Tyson admits to frequently using marijuana. Sometimes even directly before fights; just don’t ask how he managed to evade the drugs tests—it may or may not involve a fake penis.

However, thanks to the legalization of cannabis in the state of California, Mr. Tyson has some ambitious plans for a 40-acre plot he purchased in 2017. The site will be home to “Tyson Ranch.” Plans for the land include an amphitheater for live shows, supply store, extraction facility, education centro, and at least 20 acres devoted to the cultivation of high-quality marijuana. The company formed by Tyson and two other businessmen has even trademarked “Iron Mike Genetics.” One thing is for sure, if his weed hits as hard as he did, cannabis-lovers will be in for a treat.

More than that though, Tyson wants to use the jobs generated as a chance to offer veterans employment. Cannabis cultivation is becoming a highly desirable skill. By providing retired service men and women with the opportunity for a new career, Tyson is almost unrecognizable from the troubled figure he used to be.


Whether Tyson is using his latest cannabis venture as a chance to repent for his sins, or just as a means to secure a decent retirement (let's face it, he probably doesn't need the money), the positive intent is significant. Plans to invest heavily into research of medical marijuana strains point toward a focus that isn't solely about making money off the booming cannabis industry.

Regardless of what you think of Tyson’s previous actions away from the ring, he will go down in history as one of the greatest heavyweight boxers of all time. If, as a means of giving back after all the years of upset, he wants to use cannabis to make a positive change, his actions should be wholeheartedly encouraged.

Who else cannot wait to take a hit from Iron Mike? We mean his weed of course! Go Mike!