Welcome to our new website!

Welcome to our new website!

After many years, we have decided to give our website a brand-new look and expanded content base, taking our already great content to all new levels. From this day, you will find everything you could ever want to know about cannabis at cannabis.info. Whether it is the latest news, cannabis-cultural trends, handy tips for growing your own, or detailed information on strains, you will find many articles on each in our dedicated categories.

We have a whole team of dedicated writers, growers and cannabis aficionados working to ensure all of the latest and greatest is right here. Cannabis.info is the ultimate source of all cannabis-related information.

Here is a little breakdown of what you can expect in each of our main categories; please take a look!


For the most recent news on all things cannabis, head over to our news section. We cover worldwide cannabis events, from changes in cannabis legal status and its relation to liberties, to the spread of marijuana acceptance, and news from within the industry. Cannabis.info is the only place you will need to visit for all your cannabis news needs!

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The cannabis culture section of our website takes a look at the intricate and finer points of stoner lifestyle. From the coolest bongs, to the latest celebrity cannabis trends, it is covered here. You can also find handy tips for those new to the cannabis scene, details on the most recent cannabis awards, and everything else to do with cannabis culture. There is something for everyone.

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We have drawn on our years of experience growing cannabis first-hand to put together a guide detailing everything you need to know to grow your own cannabis at home. Whether you are a complete novice or a green-thumbed pro, you will find the information you need to to take your marijuana growing expertise to the next level.

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There are literally thousands of cannabis strains available on the market these days. Anything from purebred sativas and indicas to complex hybrids combining a mix of genetics can be picked up with relative ease. The strains section of cannabis.info takes a closer look at some of these strains, giving concise overviews, reviews, and information to help you find the right cannabis strain to suit your needs.

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The medical section of cannabis.info is dedicated to information on the advancement of cannabis as a medicine. You will find details of the latest cannabis research, cannabis-related discoveries, and the push to see cannabis prescribed to those who need it. You will also find information on CBD, its relevance to the medical cannabis market, and recommendations on strains containing large amounts of it.


The how to section of cannabis.info is full of practical and useful instructions on how to use your cannabis in a number of versatile ways. Want to learn to cook with weed? We have some easy to follow recipes for you to get started with. Want to learn how to make hash? No problem. Feel like making a DIY bong? We have you covered! Our detailed instructional articles cover it all.

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We are really proud of our new and improved website, and hope you enjoy it! Our new commitment to bringing you the latest news, strain reviews, cannabis-culture, guides, grow articles, and medical updates will ensure cannabis.info becomes a hub for all cannabis related knowledge!

Cannabis.info crew