Do you want to write for

Do you want to write for

At, we consider it our mission to inform and educate on everything related to our beloved herb. We are passionate about it as you have probably already understood, and on a daily base we try to find all the latest news, tips and tricks about science, health, cannabis culture, lifestyle, cultivation, current affairs, business and other emerging facts around the world.

And this is where we think we could help each other. Are you passionate about cannabis ánd about writing? Then share your passion with us and the rest of the world as we are looking for dedicated, passionate and aspiring writers who would like to contribute to this website. On a regular basis or just whenever you like.

Maybe you want to write about what is happening with cannabis where you live? Or you would like to write about your first experience? Maybe you grow your own plants and would like to write a nice grow report? Or about your favorite strain and which method of consumption works best for you? Maybe you would like to write about your personal stories or about how you medicate with cannabis? Maybe you would like to be the one who covers the next Cannabis Cup and interview some of the coolest people in the industry?

We are interested in articles on topics including but not limited to:

  • World and local news
  • World and local politics
  • Cultivation tips and tricks
  • Grow reports
  • Strain reviews
  • Health and wellness
  • Science and product developments
  • Legal
  • Events
  • Consumption methods and personal experiences
  • Medical
  • Arts and entertainment
  • Interviews

So if you think you have what it takes to join our team of writers, don’t hesitate to contact us!