Crystal Meth

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Crystal Meth (FastBuds)
Crystal Meth (FastBuds)
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Crystal Meth (FastBuds)
Sativa-dominant autoflowering
Smell & flavour

Crystal Meth: Intense strain with a terrible name

Crystal Meth is sativa dominant deriving from a couple of strains, but mostly from Mexican Sativa varieties. Since it’s an autoflowering strain, ruderalis genetics are involved. It’s definitely a potent one, and develops some cool colors during flowering. Let’s check out what this poorly named cultivar has to offer.

The smoke is reminiscent of pine trees and nuts. Upon toking this grass, the hazelnut flavors delight the taste buds with nostalgic vibes. This strain is technically sativa-dominant, although it has a solid amount of indica lurking in the resinous buds. In the beginning, the induced highs are quite pleasant and happy, which evolve into a more contemplative state and physical sensations.

If one wishes to get inspired, and create a masterpiece of any kind, this cultivar could be the strain of choice. The THC-levels are quite high, hence novice ganja aficionados should pace themselves, especially considering the cerebral and energizing effects.

This autoflower reaches 90-120cm in height. During the first weeks of the vegetation period, a compact composure is to be expected. Due to its short growth, it’s great for limited indoor ganja gardens. The intense aromas emanated from the plants require carbon or ozone filters, if the grow-ops require stealth.

From germination to harvest, it takes around 8-9 weeks for the plants to finish. The colors of the nugs can become purple, red, and dark green, during the latter stages of flowering. Indoors, this cultivar generates approximately 400-600g/m² of dried buds, and outdoors, 50-300g/plant.

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Flowering type

Genetic lineage of Crystal Meth

Fold Unfold
  • Crystal Meth
    • Mexican Sativa
      • Durban
        • Landrace from South Africa
      • Mexican
        • Landrace from Mexico
      • Pakistani Hash Plant
        • Landrace from Pakistan
    • ruderalis

Crystal Meth genetics are present in the following strains:


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