Goxuak Autoflowering

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Goxuak Auto (Genehtik Seeds)
Goxuak Auto (Genehtik Seeds)
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Goxuak Auto (Genehtik Seeds)
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Goxuak Autoflowering: Fast To Grow And Easy To Conceal

Goxuak Autoflowering is an aesthetically pleasing cannabis variety. The flowers look white and frosty due to the trichome content. The legendary AK-47 can be thanked for supplying such superb genetics, along with an autoflowering variety. This mix has also given the strain a fruity taste to accompany a buzzy sativa high that gets the creative juices flowing and pairs well with physical activity.

Goxuak Autoflowering is a great strain to choose when growing in regions where it is best to keep your operation low-key and discreet. A height of only 60cm makes this objective very easy to accomplish. Yields of 50g/plant make it the perfect strain to produce small personal stashes when needed. Luckily, it only takes up to 70 days to reach harvest time from seed.

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Genetic lineage of Goxuak Autoflowering

Fold Unfold
  • Goxuak Autoflowering
    • AK-47
      • Afghani
        • Landrace from Afghanistan
      • Thai
        • Landrace from Thailand
      • Mexican
        • Landrace from Mexico
      • Colombian
        • Landrace from Colombia
    • ruderalis

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