Power Plant XL

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Power Plant XL (Zambeza Seeds)
Power Plant XL (Zambeza Seeds)
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Power Plant XL (Zambeza Seeds)
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Power Plant XL is a huge South African Sativa strain

Power Plant XL is an updated and strengthened version of the classic strain Power Plant, brought into existence by a team of growers travelling to South Africa back in the 1990’s. This sativa dominant South African strain was made extremely popular in the Coffee Shops of Amsterdam due to the rocket fuel sativa qualities that ignite a cerebral and mood boosting high.

Power Plant XL is the strain of choice for smokers looking to engage in an active and creative day. The high produces the opposite effect of a typical indica body stone and instead offers a sativa surge of energy, igniting thought provoking trails of thought and creative influence.

These positive and cerebral sensations are enhanced by the beautiful mixture of taste experienced by smoking a joint full of this strain. Upon toking, smokers will experience undertones of sweet and piney tastes contrasted by sour hints.

In true sativa fashion, Power Plant XL is no dwarf. This strain can reach some great heights if left to fulfil its genetic potential. If a grower happens to have enough space available indoors, or a big enough grow tent, Power Plant XL and be left to achieve a good and healthy height of 110 cm.

However, if grown outdoors this strain starts to resemble a tree more than it does a herb. Power Plant XL can launch itself to an incredible height of 200 cm when given the space and sunshine that an optimal outdoor environment provides.

The flowering period of this gigantic sativa strain is around 8 weeks. By the end of this period, growers will be harvesting some pretty massive buds that have a THC content of 20 percent, enough to see them stoned for months to come.

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End of September/October
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Height (outdoor)

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