Russian Haze Autoflowering

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Russian Haze Auto (Flash Auto Seeds)
Russian Haze Auto (Flash Auto Seeds)
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Russian Haze Auto (Flash Auto Seeds)
Speedy G
White Sirius
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Russian Haze Auto: Haze Genetics From California Make Peace With Russia

Let’s end the tensions between East and West, smoke the best weed and rest. Breeders of Russian Haze Autoflowering decided to mix the old-school cannabis essence with new-school potency to unite the world for a better tomorrow. Russian Haze Autoflowering is a hybrid that comprises the genetics of White Sirius and Speedy G. This organoleptic strain boasts classic tropical Haze fragrances. The highs are cerebral and intense due to its solid THC levels. Some consumers also note delightful physical sensations after consuming this autoflower.

After the seeds have been planted, Russian Haze Auto is ready for cropping after around 80 days. It's obviously a short strain that can be grown virtually anywhere. However, some phenotypes can reach above 120cm, which is something to consider before growing this plant. Some growers have noted solid yields spanning up to 100g/plant. Once the flowering phase has ended, the buds should be covered with sticky resin.

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