Skunk 1 Autoflowering

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Skunk 1 Automatic (White Label)
Skunk 1 Automatic (White Label)
Skunk 1 Automatic (Sensi Seeds)
Skunk 1 Automatic (Sensi Seeds)
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Skunk 1 Automatic (White Label)
Skunk 1 Automatic (Sensi Seeds)
Indica-dominant (65%) autoflowering
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Skunk #1 Automatic: Autoflowering spin on an old classic

Skunk #1 Automatic is an autoflowering version of the iconic Skunk #1 strain. It combines original Skunk genetics with a powerful ruderalis, making for a potent, fast-flowering auto with great yields.

Skunk #1 is arguably one of the most iconic cannabis strains, making its mark as one first proper indica-sativa hybrids. And this new version is no different; Skunk #1 Automatic is a great testimony to its predecessor, producing really balanced hybrid effects that combine the best of indica and sativa. Expect a subtle body stone that leaves you feeling relaxed, combined with just enough cerebral stimulation to give you enough energy and motivation to still get on with your day-to-day.

Altogether, this strain will make you feel euphoric, happy, and possibly even slightly creative. While this strain isn’t known to produce couch-lock, its high potency can be a bit overwhelming for some users, so be sure to take it easy.

The effects of Skunk #1 Automatic aren’t just great for recreational use. In fact, many medical marijuana patients turn to this strain for relief from a wide variety of symptoms and conditions. Thanks to its consistent physical effects, Skunk #1 Automatic is renowned for helping relieve pain as well as physical symptoms of stress. Many patients also find this strain helps relieve depression, nausea, and muscle spasms. Skunk #1 Automatic is also renowned as a natural appetite stimulant.

The aroma and flavors of Skunk#1 Automatic very closely resemble its predecessor. These buds usually produce a strong, pungent aroma (characteristically known as “skunky’) that’ll easily stink out an entire room. It also boasts nice, well-rounded earthy undertones and sweet flavour that makes for a delicious smoking/vaping experience.

Skunk plants are renowned for their trouble-free growing. And by combining traditional Skunk genetics with a sturdy ruderalis, things just got a whole lot easier. Skunk #1 Automatic plants are sturdy growers that do extremely well under lights but can also produce great results outdoors in sunny, warm conditions. Flowering time is between 45-55 days, at which point you can expect to harvest some delicious, trichome-rich buds.

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